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Outrage is not openly recruiting for raid spots. We are accepting casual players of all levels.

Exceptions occur on a case-by-case basis for raid spots.

Druid Druid Limited
Mage Mage Limited
Warlock Warlock Limited
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Outrage of Dunemaul
Outrage is a World of Warcraft Guild [Horde] on the Dunemaul (US) Server. Our focus is on PvE raiding, west coast schedule. Our typical raid times are Tues/Weds/Sunday. We also accept casual players of all levels. For more information check out our forums or recruitment section.
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Firelands Patch 4.2
06/19/2011 06:33 PM by Romulus
With a new patch coming out, progression is back to focus. If I see a raider not performing up to par, you will be givin 1 warning to figure out whats wrong. A 2nd bad performance will result in your spot being recruited and filled with a more compentant player. NO ONE IS EXEMPT BUT ME.

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DKP System
05/31/2011 09:47 PM by Romulus
As you can tell, I'm trying to keep up-to-date information posted about raids and lewts dropped. The DKP that appears is purely so we can see who are our raiders and give them props. DKP does absolutely nothing for chances on getting gear.

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